What’s your anchor?

We all have it. Sometimes we call it our rock. Sometimes we call it our support system. Sometimes we call it self-care. Here at the ANCHOR Project, we call it our anchor. You know, the thing that keeps you grounded, lifts you up, the thing that you can count on when life gets tough. An anchor doesn’t have to be something big. It can be the simplest of simple things that gives us hope, joy, confidence, relief, distraction, help, etc. when we need it – things like walking our dog, family and friends, yoga, poetry, music, art, and “me” time.

The ANCHOR Project is about linking LGBTQ&A folks to supportive and affirming services that complement their needs and goals, as well as empowering participants to be independent and self-sufficient. Yet, there are many times in life when we feel really alone and nothing seems to be going right. These are the times when we need an anchor. We invite you to reflect on the question, “What is your anchor?” Next time you visit our space, write on the frame and let us know what keeps you anchored!

anchor frame


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