Meet Sami: Education and Employment Resource Specialist

Sami for ANCHORHello, my name is Sami and I am very excited to be working on the ANCHOR Project as the Education and Employment Resource Specialist. I am the person to ask for information on gaining a GED, finding a job, brainstorming career choices, and applying for colleges at the ANCHOR Project. I also have tips and tricks for cleaning up your online presence, freelancing, and gaining useful skills on the cheap. I want to know what you are interested in so I can help you start brainstorming career goals and planning for your future. I am working at both SAAF and the ANCHOR Project house. Please come and see me!

(Professionally) Who Am I?

I am a trained librarian with higher education and career development experience. My interests include serving under-served populations, user-focused web design, community development, passive/active programming, and maker spaces. I am committed to the economic development of the queer community.

(Personally) Who Am I?

I am a classic geeky girl who enjoys teen vampire shows, history/nature documentaries, musical theater, writing, and cat memes. I am also a walking encyclopedia of information about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was born in the Appalachian mountains of western New York and was raised in Sahuarita back when it was just trailer parks and pecan orchards. I live with my partner, three cats, and an elderly golden retriever named Toby.

Warning: I spontaneously burst into song.
2nd Warning: I am tone-deaf.
3rd Warning: I will incorporate your name into my songs.


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