Why Care About LGBTQ Education and Job Development?

LGBT fists

by Sami Gardner
Education and Employment Resource Specialist

As the ANCHOR Project’s Education and Employment Resource Specialist, I have been asked why I am working in such a role for a program that includes two healthcare collaborators. People want to know why jobs and school even come into the scenario. It is because the Queer community might be gaining more social equality but economic inequality is growing.
Numerous studies have confirmed this inequality. According to the Williams Institute, Gay men earn up to a third percent less than their straight counterparts. That same institute also studied workplace discrimination and found that the Queer community was heavily affected. The National Transgender Discrimination Survey found that Trans people are four times more likely to have an annual income below $10,000 than their cisgender counterparts. Then when you factor in all the homeless Queer runaways, you can literally hear the cycle of poverty crushing our community.
Money cannot buy happiness, but money can buy:
• Shelter
• Food
• Clothing
• Gender affirming surgeries
• Education

I want to empower Queer young adults to use education and employment to benefit themselves and their community. More of us out in the workforce make us all safer in the workplace. I want to inspire future entrepreneurs, employers, and managers that will go on to hire other Queer folk and turn the tide against hiring and on the job discrimination.
This is why there is an education and employment component to the ANCHOR Project. We want to get Queer young adults into housing, get health services, and broaden their education/employment opportunities so they can sustain that positive momentum. Economic Inequality is a struggle for the Queer community that affects housing, health, civil rights, ability to pay for gender affirming surgeries, and more.

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