Have you heard about the research component of the ANCHOR Project?

Many of you may be familiar with the services we can offer and link you to here at the ANCHOR Project. An additional incentive to enrolling in the project is participating in the research study that goes along with it.

Have you ever participated in research? Here are five great reasons to consider it!

1. Learn about yourself – Participating in research can help you learn about yourself by responding to questions you may have never thought about or been asked before.


2. Feel validated – Some tough questions can come up in our study. But, the fact that we’re asking means that we know this may be an important experience in our participants’ lives, and perhaps folks can find comfort in knowing that a lot of other people have probably had similar experiences.

validation3. Help educate the community – The information we gather from our participants is often compiled and disseminated in the form of community presentations and reports. These outputs help educate other service providers about the experiences, needs, and achievements of our participants, and give them tools to better serve you.

educate others

4. Support future projects – Funders are all about the data. The ANCHOR Project grew out of two previous projects, PRISM and iTEAM. Through the information we collected from our participants, we showed our funders that there is a need, that our program works, and that continuing to support our community is the next step.


5. Earn incentives 🙂 – Contact us for more info.


Intrigued yet? Here’s what participating in the ANCHOR Project study will involve:

  • Meet with Courtney to complete 3 interviews: an initial intake interview, a 6-month follow-up interview, and a 12-month follow-up interview.
  • Each interview will take about 90 minutes and you’ll be asked lots of questions. Only answer what you’re comfortable answering. Even though we call it an interview, there are no right or wrong answers!
  • You’ll get incentives at each interview, as well as additional incentives for scheduling your follow-up appointments, updating your contact info, and for referring friends to the study.
  • All information is confidential.
  • Participation in the study is completely voluntary and won’t affect the services you’ll receive through the ANCHOR Project.
This is what the interview looks like!
This is what the interview looks like!

So, are you in? Complete an online Interest Form, reach out to Anchor Arizona on Facebook, or text/call 520.909.0754 to get started!


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