February at ANCHOR

Join us at ANCHOR for some exciting new developments in February! Check out the calendar below for more details and follow us on Facebook for updates.

The ANCHOR Action Alliance (A3), our participant advisory board, selected the monthly theme: BLACK & QUEER: The Past, Present, & Future. This will be a month of great conversations, with open discussions each day on topics selected by A3.

A3 is also introducing two new groups:

  • Rock the Queer Vote is a participant-led discussion group all about the fundamentals of voting, elections, current issues and candidates. Rock the Queer Vote will meet monthly until July; then meetings will be twice each month.
  • Third Thursday Threads is a clothing swap for folks who need or want some new threads and/or those who have some clean clothes to pass along to others. Anyone can grab some new-to-you clothes at Third Thursday Threads, whether you bring items to trade or not.

We will also be joined by the always awesome Sarah Bahnson from ALLY-SAAF this month. Sarah will facilitate ALLY workshops every other Tuesday until April 19th. These are LGBTQ-focused, creative, and interactive workshops focused on suicide prevention.

We’ll be hearing more this month from the ANCHOR Project’s Education and Employment Resource Specialist, Sami Gardner, with My Queer Career workshops very other Tuesday.

We added a new group last month that everyone seems to love: G.A.M.E.S.S. This group, facilitated by the ANCHOR Project’s Recovery Coach, Paul Miller, is about the lessons that games can teach us about life skills, goals, and strategies.

So, yeah, there’s a lot happening at ANCHOR in February. Join us!

February 2016 Calendar


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