I am Allowed to be Grateful: Acknowledging Ways to be Thankful during the Month of May


It’s a new month here at ANCHOR and we have some great activities planned! During the month of May we’re acknowledging and celebrating things to be thankful for with our theme “I am Allowed to be Grateful.” Check out the calendar here!


  • Thankful Thursdays
    • Take an opportunity each Thursday of the month to reflect on and share appreciations and gratitude.
  • Participant-led Discussions & Workshops
    • 5/3, 2-4pm: Gratitude, Latitude, & Attitude discussion
    • 5/17,  2-4pm: Examining Entitlement discussion
    • 5/18, 2-4pm: Radical Self-Acceptance discussion
    • 5/19, 2-4pm: Clothing Customization workshop
  • S.H.A.R.E. is back!
    • 5/10, 12-2pm: Negotiating Safer Sex
    • 5/24, 12-2pm: Relationships, Part 1

cropped-anchor-color2.pngAs always, we’re excited to welcome new participants. If you are an enrolled participant and have a friend who would like to get involved, take advantage of our referral incentive and send them our way! Or if you’re a newcomer and have been following the ANCHOR Project’s website and Facebook page for awhile, feel free to drop in or submit an online interest form. We would love to have you!

May calendar screenshot


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