Want a Career Coach?

By Sami Gardner, ANCHOR Project Education and Employment Resource Specialist

Have you been wanting to take the next step in your career or education? Do you have a dream that you have been pushing off for tomorrow? Are you frustrated or overwhelmed by where ever you are in the journey? You don’t need to go it alone and you don’t need to pay for the help. I want to help you!

I am Sami Gardner, the career and education coach at the ANCHOR Project. I am experienced in the Tucson job market and with entry level job-seekers. I have a network of education specialists, employment professionals, and employers that I can draw upon for you. You have nothing to lose with working with me because my services are FREE to ANCHOR Project participants.

What is holding you back?sami 1

  • No resume? No problem! I can help you create/redesign your resume.
  • No degree? No problem! I can connect you to education professionals and help find programs, grants, or scholarships.
  • No idea what career you want? No problem! Let’s brainstorm together.
  • No work experience? No problem! I can find entry level job leads.

I have a track record of success with participants. All of the credit goes to their hard work, but the statistics are hard to deny; 88% of participants who make appointments with me, more than once, have accomplished at least one of their education/employment goals. I don’t provide magical solutions but I coach folks through mock interviews, job hunting, personal branding, LinkedIn creation, and more. This coaching makes job hunting or schooling less isolating because you have a cheerleader on the sidelines. I believe that successful participants have accomplished their goals because they use mysami 2 services as just another tool to help them stay mindful and progressive toward their dream. I have worked with them at their pace and on their goals! Not their mom’s goals, not my goals, THEIR goals.

Let me be your coach and join you on this journey! This is FREE for ANCHOR Project participants (and ANCHOR is FREE to participate). It’s so easy to be a part of ANCHOR. Just click the sidebar button that says, ‘I’m Interested!’

I look forward to working with you.


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