We’re All Connected: ANCHOR’s June Calendar of Events

The ANCHOR house has been hoppin’ lately! It’s always awesome to see new and familiar faces. With so many folks, each with individual needs and goals, it can sometimes feel like there’s not enough time to simply get to know each other. Thus, we’ll be having a participant-led Connectivity Activity during Empower Hours each Tuesday this month. It will be a moment for everybody in the space to pause and check in together before taking care of their business.

In addition to the Connectivity Activity, we have several other participant-led activities on the June calendar. Check it out!

  • Connectivity Activity – every Tuesday after 2pm
  • Connective Poetry 101 – 6/15, 2-4pm
  • Tai Chi for Health – 6/16, 2-4pm
  • Healthy Communication discussion – 6/23, 2-4pm
  • Benefits of Community Involvement discussion – 6/30, 2-4pm

Another exciting element this month is the return of BUOY, our weekly trauma support group on Thursdays from 12-2. With a specific focus on PTSD and substance abuse, this group cultivates skills for coping, healing, and most of all, staying safe.

BUOY will take the place of Expressive Therapy Studio. Thank you so much to Gigi for introducing our participants to Expressive Therapy Studio over the past 10 weeks. This therapeutic art group has been a valuable addition to our weekly program and we can’t wait for its return this fall!

June 2016 Calendar.png




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