August 2016: Reexamine, Refocus, Renew

change-on-the-horizonAugust is here and our monthly theme is Reexamine, Refocus, Renew! This theme is relevant in several ways for us here at ANCHOR. First, we said goodbye to our beloved Program Coordinator, Ian, last month. Next, we’re getting ready to wrap up the second year of our program. And finally, we have more participants visiting the ANCHOR house than ever before! With these transitions and changes upon us, now is a great time to check in and reflect on the year behind us and the year ahead.

  • On Tuesday 8/2, we’ll be introducing a month-long brainstorm of expectations for the ANCHOR house.
  • On Thursday 8/4,  we’ll engage in a participant-led discussion about Who We Are as a program – what ANCHOR means to all of us, staff and participants alike, the goals of the program, and how to continue making this the safe, affirming, and goal-oriented project it’s intended to be.
  • On Tuesday 8/30, we’ll review the space expectations brainstorm and reach consensus about those we want to adhere to.
  • And on Wednesday 8/31 and Thursday 9/1, we’ll put it in writing with a participant-led group art project!

That’s just a small taste of this month at ANCHOR. Check out the August 2016 Calendar for other happenings!

August 2016 calendar


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