Meet the ANCHOR Project’s new Program Coordinator!

corrieMeet the ANCHOR Project’s new Program Coordinator, Corrie Brinley! Corrie’s role on the ANCHOR team is to ensure that all aspects of the ANCHOR Project—like workshops, care management, employment and educational support, evaluation, and housing support—are in alignment with the project’s goals.

Corrie is no stranger to the ANCHOR Project! Before joining the ANCHOR team, Corrie has been working on a number of public health projects as an Assistant Social Research Scientist with the University of Arizona’s Southwest Institute for Research on Women (UA-SIROW). She first joined the SIROW team in 2005 as a Health Educator on the Mujer Sana ~Healthy Woman project. It was during that time that she engaged in direct-service provider work in addressing the health needs and access to health care among women living in low-resource communities, experiencing homelessness. Additionally, Corrie was involved with iTEAM, one of the projects that ANCHOR grew out of. She says, “I am very excited to be back doing direct service work, and to get this opportunity to work with ANCHOR and the LGBTQ community.”

Corrie is passionate about addressing the social inequalities and other forms of systemic violence directly impacting LGBTQ communities in Tucson as it relates to lack of direct-service provision. Her experiences working on collaborative LGBTQ community based-projects as a community member, activist and researcher have all shaped her understanding of the urgency in using community-based participatory research methods to document the community’s lived experiences in policy work. Corrie who received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Social Work says, “The hope is there, the potential to dream and the freedom to write.” Corrie’s vision of public health and policy work as catalysts for effecting change reflects her ultimate goal of continuing to challenge current healthcare and housing standards that discriminate against LGBTQ-identified youth and young adults.

As Program Coordinator, Corrie is particularly excited to work with ANCHOR’s very own Housing Consultant, John Roldán, on continuing to ensure that youth are getting into safe housing and advocating for trans and gender non-conforming peoples’ right to shelter. Additionally, Corrie’s experience with community coordination has provided her with a specific understanding of the resources available to the community. She plans to bring her knowledge to ANCHOR as she notes, “Resources are constantly evolving and so are issues of accessibility.” As Program Coordinator she is dedicated to the community-based and trauma-informed models of care that the ANCHOR Project has become synonymous with for many in the community.

Fun Fact with Corrie: “I am a little thrift obsessed. I would say 75% of what is in my house is from thrift stores.”


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